4 Easy Steps To Get Traffic on Affiliate Links

4 Easy Steps To Get Traffic on Affiliate Links

There are a lot of ways on how to get affiliate traffic on your blogs. In this article we will discuss 4 easy steps on how to get that traffic on your blogs.

Affiliate traffic sources

  • Email Marketing
  • Blog / Website
  • YouTube
  • Quora / Reddit

Email Marketing

email marketing

Welcome Email

Whenever someone signs up for your newsletter, your system should send the person a welcome email.

Welcome Email should be designed as friendly as it could be. It should be detailed but to the point. You can start the Welcome Email Template by welcoming the new user/subscriber and then tell what you are or what you do with follow up links of your website. Links can be of your different articles or the services you’re providing for which they signed up for. You can also different tools that you are advertising on your website.

Welcome Email has the highest opening rate. Since the user just subscribed to your newsletter, so there’s a high chance of the user to open the welcome Email and you get traffic.


You can use this signature to promote your website link or blog for whenever you’re answering someone back via EMAIL. You can easily promote an affiliate product as well in the signature link.

Email Marketing on News Letter

It’s very important to have a website if you are doing affiliate marketing. That way you can collect your email list and send them newsletter weekly or monthly. That way you can promote / share your affiliate product in those emails.

Cold Emailing

Chose a product and promote it to specific people. People who are interested in the product. Find their emails – should be more than 200 – 300 emails. Send them email about the product. There’s a higher chance they would reply back and then you can have a conversation with them about the product.

You can use Cold Email to build relation with people and they can easily promote this product then ahead in their circle after using it.

Blog / Website


If you’re working online you need to have a website of your own. Please don’t tell me otherwise. And since you have a website of your own, you can easily promote your affiliate product on it by writing different articles with the best SEO of the product that you’re willing to sell.

Firstly, you need to do is write an article about a certain product. You can write reviews; you can write about specific products. For example, you can write about the top 5 bestselling cameras in your article and have affiliate links attached to amazon or any other website that allows affiliate programs.

You can add banner ad, google ads and sell ad spaces. These links can be all affiliate products to promote on your website.  So, basically you can write articles and link to your affiliate product or add banner ads to your website.

YouTube for Promoting Affiliate Product

youtube/ marketing

Another step you can use to get traffic on your affiliate product is to create a video about it. You can generally create a video on the product or list of products and then add affiliate links in the description for the people to check it out. There’s a high chance that people will go and follow that link to the website and buy the product that you are already using. But, to do that you need to have traffic on your YouTube channel.

You can create Educational Videos and Review Videos and then add affiliate links in the description.

Quora / Reddit

Quora is a Q/A Website, where people ask questions and you answer. Quora is very important as the more you answer to other people, there’s a chance people will check you out more.


All you need to do is sit down for 20 or 30 minutes on Quora and answer the questions randomly. Once you’re in there, people start listening to you as you are spending time in there and you know what you are doing. DO NOT SPAM ANSWERS or QUESTIONS!

This goes the same for Reddit. Reddit is a huge platform where you can post your links. What you need to do is make an account on Reddit and start answering the posts. You can upvote a post or downvote it. If your comments get upvotes you get points, these points are called karma points. Karma points help you with the popularity of your account.

As you gain more karma points on reddit, your chance for getting your posts approved increases. And once your posts start getting approved, you are on your way to potential customers.

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