5 Steps to Write a Blog

5 Steps to Write a Blog

Did you know that to grow your business properly you need to start blogging? So, what if you don’t know how to write a blog? We will show you five easy ways on how to start a blog. All you need to do is sit tight and read what is written below. Are you ready? Let’s start.

5 Easy Steps on Writing a Blog

  • Planning
  • Headline
  • Gathering the Perfect amount of Data
  • Images
  • Editing the Blog

Step 1 – Planning

Firstly, you need to come up with a plan of what you are writing about. Choosing the niche of an article can take a couple of hours. From coming up with the name of the blog to publishing the blog can take several days or even a week, but it’s important to take your time in it. Spending several hours planning and thinking about writing it, should be worth it.

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Chose a topic that you think you can write thoroughly about. Always pick the type of niche which you can write on your own without getting help from other bloggers or publishers. If you have no idea about what you are writing about, how do you think it will be fun for the reader? There’s a saying “No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader” for a reason.

Before you write an article, choosing what you love is very important. Once you’re done choosing the article. Read about it, think about it, search about it. Get others opinion on it, research about it on the market. Look at how many people are actually willing to read about it.

Always use an introduction to the blog before writing about it, so that the reader gets to have an idea about what he is going to find in these articles. An outline helps a lot in this matter. Mention before the blog what sort of points you are following.

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Research plays a great role in planning the topic of a blog. You get to know by research that what kind of people are searching which type of blogs. Most of the bloggers don’t know anything before they start writing about it. What they do? They research about it to the core of the internet. Get a vast idea on how to write it and then write it.

Furthermore, please note that if you are typing something in your article, make sure you have facts to back check it. If someone comes claiming that what you have written is wrong or rumored to be fake, always provide them with the facts. Facts are very important, that is why we backlink to the websites we learn from.

Step 2 – Headline


With that being said, never mislead your readers with a fake or rumored headline. Always come up with an appealing and user-friendly headline that are easy to read. You got to be specific in what you are writing about.

For Example, click bait never works out in the long run. It works out first time or second, sometimes even for the third. But, once your readers find out that you have been using click bait to lure them, they will instantly leave you behind for good. This way you will not only lose your audience but also the credibility of your blog.

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Always give your honest and fair amount of time for coming up with the perfect headline. It defines your blog. It defines how passionate you are with your blog and how much effort you have put in.

Step 3 – Data Gathering

Once you are done with planning the blog and coming up with the perfect headline for it, your next step is gathering the data. Data Gathering for a blog is like shopping your clothes for an event that will define you.

What you need to do is, you need to research on internet about your blog. Ask your friends what they think about it. Ask on all of the social media platforms, search on them, gather all the information you can about it and then pin it down together in one. Blog is literally a collection of data that you gather from all over the internet and make it one.

Even if you are working tirelessly on a blog, you still need to take your time with it. As you spend more time reading about the blog you are writing about, the more you learn about it and better the outcome.

Step 4 – Images

Images can convey the message better than the text. Images help you with your blog better than words. If you are trying to write a how to blog, most people will look through the images to see the steps rather than reading what is written. It can make great punchlines.

Everyone prefers a smirk or a smile while reading something. If you are able to add an image related to what is reader is reading, it will help keep the reader entertained. It helps effectively if you are writing a dry topic.


Step 5 – Editing The Blog

They say if writing a blog is hard, editing blog post is the hardest. Once you are writing your blog, you are onto the editing the blog. Editing the blog is hardest because you have to go through your blog again and find the possible errors in it and fix it. Once you fix it, you see the possible repetition done in it.

How do you check if your article is good to go or not? You ask around. You share the text with your friends, ask your colleagues. Read it through the readers mind. Find the critical errors that anyone would find while reading your blog.

If you can find the errors that any reader can find while reading your blog, you are on the right track. Always check the flow of your article. Check if your article is following the outline that you mentioned above or not. Find the possible grammar mistakes, have it checked by someone you know.

The most important thing in a blog is to keep the sentences short and paragraphs even shorter. Sentences makes sense when they are short. Same goes for the paragraphs as well.

Always, ALWAYS accept that your blog can never be perfect. There is always going to be certain errors and mistakes. Be ready for the possible criticism from the readers and face it like a hero. Answer them positively and fix them accordingly.

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