6 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Graphics Design Work

6 Common Mistakes To Avoid in Graphics Design Work

If you look at the logos and other graphic design products of global companies, you will definitely impressed at the first glance. They all create logos well designed with a purpose. There is a strategy going behind in creating those designs. A concept of choosing a logo or any other design can make it or break it.

Many startups do not pay attention to design carefully their marketing materials. They ends up losing their valued customers to competitors. It happens because most of consumers take buying decision on seeing a logo, brochure, website, blog and packaging designs. If those designs are carelessly designed, that may deliver negative aspects on business prospects of a company.

If you’re a new designer looking to jump into your first order or also an old one. Keep noticed these common graphic design mistakes can stuck any designer and potentially cause a lot of harm. So, take a look through these major design mistakes. As long as you stay vigilant and double check everything, none of these problems should bother you.

Here Are Common Graphic Design Mistakes

Not Understanding Client’s Instructions:

The communication between the designer and the client is critical. While it is responsibility of the client to provide clear instructions to designer and the responsibility of the designer is to ensure they understand those instructions.

Client’s vision take a back seat.

The main design mistake of new designers is that they are too engrossed in showcasing their own talent and skills but they put the client’s needs last. They should learn more how to work well with clients and submit work that meets the of clients requirements. You should keep in mind about quality standards and the general industry rule to always achieve good.

Staying In the Box

A major of graphic design mistakes in logo design and other designs are sticking to what is known. Try to think out-of-the-box, maybe a little advice which helps you to make your design looks pretty good. Graphic design is a creative process and you need to be creative in order to truly be successful in a field. You can freely go for crazy and weird things, experiments could help to improve your skills.

Overthinking Everything

Simplicity has plenty of perks on its own. So, be careful about going with the crazy filters. Over-designing isn’t a major design mistake, but it can cause some serious problem.

The more stuff in your design, the harder a viewer needs to think to extract the information from it. Having blank space isn’t necessarily bad in many cases, it’s better than filling every square inch of blank space with something.

If your brochure design contains too many images, colors, and fonts, try to keep them to the bare minimum. That will help customers to focus on the key features that you want to highlight.

Promising deadline

When discussing deadlines and expectations with your client, you should make sure you don’t promise them something amazing, and then fail to meet that promise. It’s ok to finish a project ahead of a long deadline than late on a short deadline.

Take your time, it’s is better to tell your client that you may take a lot of time in creating design work. But do not make loud promises that arise their expectation to a very high level. Don’t make this design mistake again.

Wrong Typography in graphic design

Typography in your design can either make or break the deal for you. Picking the right typography with the color and overall design is very crucial. Sometimes in the name of being creative and experimental, new designers end up using the wrong font type and style.

Establish some ground rules on how you are going to pick the right fonts. However misusing typography or not paying close attention to it can cause some major problems, from confusion to destroying a design’s cohesiveness. Try to use typography carefully and avoid doing this design mistake, so it can enhance your design. And make sure your project has proper grammar.

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