A Complete Email Marketing Guide, Get More Leads

A Complete Email Marketing Guide, Get More Leads

Email Marketing Importance

Email marketing is a powerful way to increase sales of digital marketing. While each of these marketing tactics has its advantages, for now, we will focus on Email marketing because it is the best content and brings in an unbeatable ROI compared to other digital marketing channels.

Even small businesses use email marketing and email marketing came in at second place, only topped by Facebook. Email is shown to be 40 times more effective at gaining new customers than either Facebook or Twitter.

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A message is 5 times more likely to be seen via an email than via Facebook message or post.

Email offers an unbeatable ROI

Marketers concentrate on email marketing because it’s more effective and has less cost. Research shows email marketing generates $38 for every $1 spent, and some companies see an ROI as high as $76 for every $1 spent.

Email Ties All Your Marketing Techniques Together

  • You can also promote marketing efforts via email.
  • Writing blog content? Send to subscribers via email.
  • Starting a social media event? You can also invite subscribers via email.
  • Want to drive traffic to your website? Invite subscribers through sending a product mail.

Email Connects With More Consumers Than Social Media

Social media use is growing. However, it still doesn’t outpace email use. Most of the consumers use email for communication daily and rely on it.

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Longer Lifespan than Social Posts

Email gives a reliable and enduring way to stay in connection with subscribers. You can reach subscribers with a Facebook post or a tweet, but the lifespan of social posts doesn’t last long. Your tweet lasts for a few minutes and then fades away into the newsfeed depth, never to be found again. An email is a different and reliable source, it gets prominent placement in an inbox and found easily later on.

Core Elements to Write An Email

Before you start creating email content, it’s important to know what goes into a well-written email. While for an educational purpose, the content you write may be different from what you write for a product email inside your email marketing funnel, each email type will need these core elements.

  •   Subject Line
  • Preview Text
  •  Body Copy
  •   Call-To-Action

Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing your subscriber will see when they open their inbox. Many subscribers will decide on whether or not they want to open your email solely based on your subject line.

Preview Text

Have you noticed that before you click on an email in your inbox, it will often show a small snippet of the incoming email message? This is called your preview text, and it’s one of the most overlooked aspects of writing effective emails.

Body Copy

Your preview text and subject line work together to ensure your email is opened, but what happens next depends on the body copy of your email. This is where the “meat” of your email is found.


Inside your body copy, you will want to have a central call-to-action (CTA). Your CTA will quickly tell your audience what you want them to do after reading your email. When your CTA is clear, it will help you increase email conversions.

How to Get Started With Email Marketing

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with email marketing.

  • Develop an email marketing strategy
  • Sign up for email marketing software
  •  Build your email list
  •  Create an autoresponder
  •  Track and improve

How to Build Your Email List

The first step of any email marketing campaign is to build your email list.

The people that go to your about page usually like you.  Which means they’re primed to subscribe. So I recommend putting at least one email sign up form on your about page.

Create Squeeze Pages

●  If you’re serious about building your email list, you need a squeeze page.

●  Or you can say a page designed to convert visitors into email subscribers.

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Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Lead Magnets are the lifeblood of any list building campaign. It’s hard to get someone to sign up for a “newsletter” or “21-day email course”. Instead, you need to offer people something they can use right away.

I’m talking about:

  • Checklists
  •   Ebooks
  •   Swipe files
  •   Case studies
  •   Templates
  •   Videos

In other words:

The more valuable your lead magnet, the more signups you’ll get.

Optimize Your Blog’s Homepage for Email Signups

If you want people to subscribe to your email list, you need to put your offer front and center. Design your blog’s homepage to convert readers into subscribers.

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Email Campaign Templates

Now it’s time to show you how to create emails that get opened and clicked. Specifically, I’m going to share proven email templates that will help to grow the Email subscribers list.

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Intriguing Subject Line

Use a subject line that will make someone curious about what’s inside your message.

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Bold Opening

Start your newsletter off with something super compelling. That way, you hook your reader right off the bat. Personally, I like to kick things off with a mini story.

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Valuable Content

Now it’s time to deliver the goods. If you’re not sure what to write here, I recommend going with a list of 3-5 actionable tips that people can use that day.


The important thing is to always include a CTA in your newsletters.

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