What Is Digital Marketing Mentality?

Before you want to become very good at digital marketing you must know the foundation and the mentality of marketing, how you should look at it, how you should analyze it. These are all important topics you must learn. In this part, we are going to learn more about how to get results for clients, creating compelling content, audience, and engagement.

What is digital marketing

How To Get Results For The Client?

The whole goal of a social media marketing agency is to get results for companies that can’t. But it has a general structure which here we are going to learn more about. There are 3 steps you must follow all the time to know about digital marketing mentality.

Step 1: The Goal, The Client Wants Sales

  • You must always know what your client needs. 
  • Most clients want sales but some have other goals.
  • Knowing the goal will help you to get sales and leads in right way

Step 2: Create A Road Map Strategy For Your Client’s Digital Marketing

  • Doing social media marketing is not enough, you must have a plan and strategy for the client.
  • Compute everything, what will come next, and how you face it.
  • Doing social media marketing is not enough, you must have a plan and strategy for the client.
  • Compute everything, what will come next, and how you face it.

Step 3: Keep Yourself Updated

This is one of the most important steps you must follow all the time,

  • Spend some time every day, or at least a week to learn
  • In digital marketing, you may have some knowledge about topics, but after some time you have to enhance it.
create a content

Create Compelling Content

The mentality of how to create compelling content is very important, yet so many professional marketers don’t know about it. There is a great structure for creating content that has 4 parts. Together we are going to learn these parts. This structure is called the VRIN.

Value: Question your client: why customers buy from you. Focus on it, build on the strength.

Rare: How rare are your posts? Can people create the same post?

Inimitable: How hard is it for others to copy your posts?

Non Substitutable: Show a message through your content that your product or service is so good, or customers can’t live without it and they must have it.

Know Your Customer

The main problem with most marketing communication is that it lacks understanding & importance. Knowing customers isn’t something about you knowing them demographically but having deep information about their desires, fears, and aspirations. As you get to know more about them you will have an idea about how to target them. It is important to put the audience first and try to respond to their needs.

Learn to Fail, Fail to Learn 

Your biggest success can only come through consistent experimentation & testing. It helps you to collect beneficial data that enables you to repeat with speed. Let go of your assumptions and preconceived notions & test everything. No matter how much experience you have, if you’re not failing, you’re not learning. Cut your losses early, scale your winners as much as you can.

tips to increase engagement

Tips To Increase Engagement

Let’s learn 4 tips that will help you a lot in digital marketing to increase the engagement.

1- Good Headline: 

  • Why viewers should show their interest to read the page
  • Bring benefit to your user
  • Put it at the top
  • People want cheaper and faster
  • 5-12 words, use 1-2 numbers
  • Main words start with big letters

Example: 5 Advanced Tips to learn Digital Marketing

2- A/B Testing:

  • Don’t let it fool you
  • Use it but don’t rely on it
  • It may give you the wrong data
  • Know-nothing is better than knowing wrong
  • Solution
  • Create A A B B
  • Run it until the 2 A gives the same result and the same for 2 B

3- Don’t Force Visitors To Make Decisions:

  • Must have only 1 action on each page
  • Remove the work visitors have to do
  • Avoid 2 columns
  • Users must decide which one to read
  • Must be easy and available

4- Bonus Tip:

  • Always have a bonus benefit on your offer
  • Put it right above the call to action
  • Bonus must be easy
  • Storytelling

Another important skill in marketing is to get good at storytelling. Well, you can use it everywhere, the best movies are good at storytelling, the best ads, best businesses and so on. So it is very important to practice and learn how you should apply it. I have created a structure for you to follow, but you shouldn’t stop yourself here, practice as much as you can. Brand storytelling should be like movies.

Thanks for reading.

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