Beginner’s Guide About Passive Income

Beginner’s Guide About Passive Income

How To Make Passive Income?

If you want to start a business project to earn extra income, the idea of ​​passive income is attractive.

While real passive income is certainly achievable, it often takes a bit more work than self-proclaimed experts claim.

In this regard, we refine the myths about real estate. After reading this, you will learn how to generate passive income and the best ways to get started.

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You will learn the basics of what passive income is and how it works.

We will help you choose the best business idea for your business and how to start a passive income with your first plan.

You will also learn how powerful it can be to stop your own time business for money.

First, we need to understand the concept of Active and passive income.

There are two kinds of income: active and passive. 

What Is Active Income?

Active income is where you get paid for your work. I am being paid to sit down and write this article. I will be compensated once and for all.

If you are paid for a casual job or work independently for clients, you are earning an active income.

What Is Passive Income?

Let’s now explain passive income because it is different. Instead of paying once for what you are doing, you create something or create value, so that you get paid for a certain period.

The simplest example of passive income is someone like author Stephen King. He spent a few months writing The Shine about 40 years ago, but he is still being paid for every copy he sells. It created a value that people still want.

There Are Many Ways to Earn Passive Income 

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for people who are not well-known authors to earn passive income.

There are hundreds of ways to make money with passive income.
You can sell your products, use affiliate schemes, collect advertising revenue, and much more. Even traditional investing is a form of passive income.

Let’s take a look at some hypothetical examples of people with passive incomes that I know and get some idea of the possibilities.

1. The WordPress Theme Developer

Envato is responsible for helping thousands of people earn passive income, one of them being our fictitious WordPress theme developer, Brian.

Brian spent a few months developing an amazing new WordPress theme that is easy for regular people to use. Once it works, it is released to the public through the theme force of Envato Marketplace, an online marketplace featured here.

When a user finds a new WordPress theme, they plug in something like “awesome WordPress themes” to Google and stumble upon Brian’s theme on Themeforest. Customers add the theme to Cart and Envato does the rest. Brian woke up one morning to find some extra money in his account.

3. The Travel Blogger

A travel blogger loves nothing more than seeing the world and sharing his experiences with the readers. Whenever he goes to a new place, he writes about all the cool things there. He is making money in a few different ways.

For example, someone knows a couple of cities well. He found all the best restaurants in the cities, things to do, and places to stay in the cities. It comes with a few short guide books available from its site for $ 5. Whenever one of them sells, he gets the full amount.

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3. The Manufacturers

Just like travel bloggers love to travel. One thing they do find is that no bag meets their needs. Instead of complaining about it, they decide to make it their own. They put their finished product on Kickstarter and made enough money to get off the ground and start selling it online.

They use a complimentary home so they don’t have to handle or handle any of the shipping themselves. The bags are sent directly from the manufacturer to the customer until they see it.

It took them years to develop their dream bag, but now they are making money while traveling.

The Dream of Passive Income

You should, at least in theory, be able to work once and get paid forever. Even after the death of Stephen King’s family, he still makes money from Shining. This is an incredibly tempting offer.

Because you are not being paid for this work but what comes out of the work you do through passive income projects, you are generally free to work wherever you want.

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Stephen King writes in his attic. You can write on the beach. People all over the world are making money from the Envato market. You don’t have to go to an office between 9 am and 5 pm because someone said you do.

The Other Side Of Passive Income

The good side of passive income online is not a lie. This is only half the truth. Yes, you get paid forever for what you did on the beach in Mexico, but there’s more to this story than that.

This is true of many sources of passive income. Although you can make money indefinitely, it is very small. Even though you pay ten rupees, Stephen King is earning less than a dollar for each copy of Shining sold today.

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This leads to the next big problem: a significant portion of passive income plans flop. Writing a book or designing a WordPress theme takes a lot of time and effort to do the right thing, and if you do it perfectly, there is no guarantee of selling it.

Every Stephen King has thousands, thousands of aspiring writers who write novels in months and never make a penny. Thousands of people have started a travel blog, but only a small part of them make money.

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