Email Marketing Tools, SendinBlue VS GetResponse!

Email Marketing Tools, SendinBlue VS GetResponse!

Which One Is Best For You.

Most of the world’s population is using email which is more than 50% of the population. Email marketing is a strong and best way to connect with your target market.

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs are using different tools for marketing. When we talk about Email marketing, SendinBlue and GetResponse are two broadly used email marketing tools.

These two tools have made our lives easier in terms of digital marketing. These tools have many other useful features, they are not limited to just email marketing. Just have a look at it to find out which tool is highly recommended.

Sendinblue And Getresponse Core Differences.

Email marketing tools comparison

SendinBlue and GetResponse are almost the same, but some noticeable differences make one tool better than the other. The core differences are as follows:

  1. SendinBlue has additional SMS Marketing features, whereas. GetResponse has a webinar marketing feature.
  2. GetResponse only offers a 30-day free trial after 30-days it has a monthly payment schedule, SendinBlue offers an unlimited free package, you can pay on as you use it.
  3. SendinBlue is working on SMTP service, while GetResponse has its autoresponder and sales funnel.
  4. GetResponse was launched in 1998, SendinBlue was launched in 2012.

Well, SendinBlue is not just a basic mail marketing tool. Other than email marketing it has SMS marketing, CRM, social media advertisement, and landing pages. On the other hand, GetResponse has email marketing linked with webinars, landing pages, CRM, Sales Funnels, and a lot of other features. 

Let’s compare both of them.

Complete Detail About SendinBlue


As we know SendinBlue was launched in 2012 when all of the other familiar email marketing tools were doing well including GetResponse. So it was a prediction that SendinBlue will not stand for long. 

But SendinBlue made its place in competition and made its value among the top email marketing tools within a few years. The main reason behind the success of SendinBlue was its low budget with amazing services. This is what the competitors were not able to offer.

Now SendinBlue is considered as the cheapest and most brand-ranging email automation and marketing tool. With email marketing it also provides SMS marketing, online sessions, advertising through social media, and CRM.

SendinBlue has almost 100,000 users across 160 countries to this date, and is still gaining more positive reviews and appreciations from the users.

Complete Detail About  GetResponse

Get response

Reality that exists, SendinBlue can never beat GetResponse in age and experience. Because GetResponse started in 1998, and it has more than a decade’s experience in digital marketing and email automation.

The slogan of GetResponse is  “world’s easiest email marketing software to use”.  And it has simplified autoresponders, sending emails, making lists, online surveys, and newsletters. 

GetResponse has made itself a dense marketing solution over the years. It is a composition of CRM and online marketing (email marketing, sales funnels, webinar hosting, and landing pages).

It has great achievements over the years. GetResponse has 350,000 users all across the world and almost 1 billion people subscribe to GetResponse every month.

Core Features of SendinBlue and GetResponse

User-friendliness Interface


The thing that overtakes GetResponse is the free package of SendinBlue. You can use the software for free as long as you exceed 300 emails a day. After this limit, you have to take the premium package.

If you can manage the limited contacts in the free plan, you can get further benefits. You can arrange limited contacts in subscribers list through customized signup forms done by the SendinBlue innovative segmentation tool. While in marketing campaigns, free users can use basic email automation.

The ease of this tool does not depend on the pricing plan you choose, you will get a smooth and easy user interface on SendinBlue. The website has several marketing tools and many users, even beginners, use it, so keeping this in mind user interaction is made simplified. It helps beginners, and new users to understand easily while using it. The menus and tools to use with explanatory labels. 

To make users feel more comfortable, it is made in such a way that users can personalize their own tools according to their desires. Users have an option to turn off the functions that they are not using and add the ones they need more on the navigation bar. Other plugins can also be added to SendinBlue, like CRM or e-commerce marketing tools.


GetResponse offers a free trial of 30 days, after a free trial it will cost you to use it for longer.

The free trial plan offers you to try all the tools completely before you buy one. The user interface is very easy. Every tool is organized and in its place. It makes the users quickly get habitual to it. The tools are easy to use, especially when users use them in custom mode.

Overall, you will find GetResponse easy to use. You can import contacts, build campaigns, and all that stuff with ease. However automation tools usage might be a bit difficult.

Setup Of Email Marketing Campaigns


SendinBlue has made life easier for users while dealing with a large audience. It takes a lot of time to send emails to each one of them, but with the use of SendinBlue, users can send hundreds of emails in a day. Make a customized template and then enter some customizations you want to make to each one of them. 

SendinBlue will edit each one for you and then email them to the targeted audiences. You will receive customized emails for each client. You don’t need to write emails over and over again.

Email marketing is helpful when you are well known about the appropriate timings. SendinBlue also allows you to schedule timings, and your emails will be sent to the targeted audience on the scheduled time. 


GetResponse is also very user interactive as SendinBlue, but for the beginners it is difficult to use. But once users become familiar with it about email marketing strategies it is easy to understand.

When you learn to use it, you can do more with GetResponse than just basic emails. It has tools for welcome emails, transaction emails, abandoned cart emails, email newsletters, and other such email marketing options. 

Templates And Design


SendinBlue has a built in drag and drop email editing feature that can help users to create custom emails. You can set and design email templates according to your business requirements.

SendinBlue has more than 70 templates, you don’t need to start from all over again. You can use these built in templates to customize your emails. You can use these templates and then add some changes to the professionally made templates per your own requirements.

The customization of email is not a hard task. You just need to drag and drop elements you want in it, make changes to the sizes, upload media files, and any other changes. 


GetResponse is the same as the SendinBlue, but it has a large variety of templates. It has above 500 already built in templates with different colors and layouts. You have a wide variety to choose the templates that suit your requirements.

With this wide variety of templates you can select a unique layout for every campaign. It will keep the audience engaged.

In SendinBlue, there are some restrictions for editing and customization, but in GetResponse you have an endless editing options. You can introduce buttons, change layouts, change font size and color to your content. However this is a time taking process.

Automation Feature


It has advanced segmentation tools that can  help you to  group your contacts, and its  automated editor manages all  the workflow of emails that you will send to your customers. 

SendinBlue interface is user friendly, the beginners and even the experienced can use it in an easy way. SendinBlue has 8 built in workflow templates that help the users to complete the action easily, just choose the plan that fits your requirements, do some basic changes, and you are ready to go.


GetResponse has an advanced drag and drop editing option in automation that is not in SendinBlue. By using GetResponse, you can design detailed workflows using conditions, actions, and filters. Conditions specified for automation while actions deal with the automation tasks that need to be completed by the system and Filters deals with block out or arrange the contacts in.

Price Range Factor


SendinBlue Free plan- $0 per month, offers unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day.

Lite plan – $25 per month, if you paid annually then you will cost $22.50 per month. In lite plan include no daily email sending limit but 40,000 emails per month.

Essential plan – $39 per month, if you paid annually, then it will cost $35.10 per month. The essential plan include has no SendinBlue logo at the end of each email. It offers 60,000 emails per month.

Premium plan – for $66 per month, if you paid annually, then it will cost $59.40 per month. Premium plan has multi-user access, chat options, marketing automation, landing pages, Facebook ads, and all the essential plan features.

Enterprise plan according to your requirements. All the premium features, with priority support and dedicated manager, are offered in the enterprise plan.


Basic plan$10.50 per to $450 per month for 1000 and 100000 contacts, GetResponse offers selling products online, one sale funnel, Facebook ads, unlimited lead funnels, unlimited automation templates and landing pages, autoresponders, and email marketing.

Plus plan$34.30 per month to $499 per month for 1000 and 100,000 contacts that offers five webinar funnels, five sales funnels, three users, contact scoring and tagging, CRM, webinars of 100 people, five workflows automation builders, and include all basic plan features

Professional plan$69.30 per month to $580 per month for 1000 and 100,000 contacts, that offers unlimited webinar funnels and sales funnels, five work together with users, webinars with a maximum of 300 attendees, unlimited automation builders, paid webinars, and all the plus plan features.

Enterprise plan starts $719 per month includes 100,000 contacts and so on. It offers email campaign management consulting, webinars of maximum 500 people, deliverability management consulting, paid transactional of emails, personal IP address, and all features of a professional plan.

Comparison Between Sendinblue vs Getresponse

sendinblue vs getresponse comparison / servicesground


Let’s discuss the conclusion, in my point of view SendinBlue is a better option for you if you are a beginner. Even you are not a beginner and you have a medium-sized business, you should prefer SendinBlue because it is users friendly and you can easily understand all of its functions.

SendinBlue allows you to pay per email and not per subscriber, and this is important for beginners. SendinBlue definitely better than GetResponse because it is easy to use for everyone.

Instead, GetResponse is more suitable for high-level automation. It is specially designed for those people who are already into e-commerce for a while.

Thanks for reading.

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