Find Your Niche in Digital Marketing

Find Your Niche in Digital Marketing

What is a Niche?

In digital marketing, a niche is a focused targeting area to whom you are going to serve well. The niche should be specific and known to you, let us talk about how to find your niche in digital marketing.

Knowing Digital marketing and marketing strategies is not just going to be enough to bring success to a business. You need to know about that business, whatever it is. So it is important to select a niche you can make money from.

Let’s learn some strategies to find your niche.

5 steps to find your niche in digital marketing

Take your time to answer the questions below and think about the answers. It is very important to find what the right fit is for you.

  • 1 What did you grow up around?
  • 2 What have you been seeing over the past years?
  • 3 What did you like to become when you were 15-18 years old?
  • 4 What can you & like to talk about when you are not working?
  • 5 What will your enemies compliment you on?

Think about the questions above and try to come up with answers. Then look at all 5 answers and try to make a list of things that you like to do a lot.

What is profitable?

We talked about what is good for you and what you like to do the most. Now, we have to create a list of businesses that are around you and making money.

  •  What businesses are around you that are/look successful?
  • Ask people around you what they spend their money on?

Search online

By answering the questions above you can create another list which is about profitable businesses. Answering these questions can become a bit tricky but you have to do your best to come up with reasonable answers. The reason that we are looking after businesses which already are making money is that if they can’t pay themselves they can’t pay you either. Research about your competitors, ignoring the presence of competition is a bad thing. It may help you to find valuable ideas and a profitable niche. Analyze your competitor’s site thoroughly, create a new spreadsheet, and write all information you gathered from that site.

Select Niche

Select your niche

Now that we know what are the topics that you like to do and what are the businesses that are making money. It is time to select your niche. Look at both lists and try to choose one major field which both you like and it is a profitable business. Spend some time here and make sure the niche you are going to select is the right choice for you. Because we are going to build your social media marketing agency based on this niche. Yes, later you can change your niche but it will be a bit harder and you have to redo some of the steps along the way.

Master It

Now that you have selected your niche it is important to grow your knowledge in that field if it is not. You must,

  • Learn how these businesses are working
  • Read some books about them
  • Make research and find out why some of these businesses are more successful than the others
  • Find companies for your selected niche, learn everything about them
  • Listen to podcasts about your niche
  • Find professionals in this field and learn from them, follow what they did and do

The more you know about “Find your niche in digital marketing”, the more successful you will be in your social media marketing agency.

Test your idea

You have gathered all of the information you need to select a niche, now it’s time to test your idea to check the credibility of your gathered data. A simple way is to set up a landing page for pre-sales of a developing product, then drive traffic to this page with paid advertising. If you don’t get pre-sales, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t in a workable niche. A reason could be that your advertising isn’t quite right, or you haven’t got the right offer yet. By conducting A/B split testing, you can enhance conversions and find out what thing is stopping your target market from taking action.

find niche in digital marketing

Identify problems you can solve

To make your business profitable, you have to find out the problems your target audience is facing then decide how you can solve them. Several things you can do to find out the problems in specific audiences Do conversations or ideas generating meetings and sessions with your target audience. Try to find out the problems or create a framework, write down all the information gained from the audience that helps you to cover the suffering points.

Peruse forums

Search Quora, or find forums related to your audience, then analyze the discussions that are taking place. What questions are people asking? What problems are they facing?

Research keywords

Explore different keyword combinations on Google Trends and Google AdWords’ keyword planner. This can help you uncover popular search terms related to pain points.

Thanks for reading.