Google Certificate Program Will Undermine College Degree

Google Certificate Program Will Undermine College Degree

Google certificate program will take just six months to complete, and will be a fraction of the college cost.

Google recently made a major announcement. That will probably change the nature of work and higher education by offering a series of technical courses. These courses will teach applicants how to work on-demand jobs.

Google Career Certificates, teaches practical skills that can help job-seekers find jobs instantly. Google’s certificate program will take around six months to complete. There is no point in taking years to finish like a typical university degree.

Bachelor’s degrees are out of reach for many students. So Google certificate program is here to get you economic protection.

Google’s senior vice president of global affairs “Kent Walker” says, “we need new affordable job-training solutions-from improved vocational programs online education-to help America recover and rebuild”.

Kent Walker’s tweet on Google career certificate:

Kent Walker's tweet on Google career certificate Services Ground

Google did not clearly say how much the new courses would cost.
But Google’s similar course on the “Coursera” online learning website (the Google IT Help Educational Credential) costs $49 a month for enrolled students (At that value a six-month course would cost just 294$).

It’s less than many university students spend on their books in one semester alone. It is not a bad idea to enroll in the Google’s certificate program in this amount.

Additionally, Google said that it would fund 100,000 needs-based scholarships to promote new projects.

Higher education has long been a barrier. And while Google’s latest announcement may not be the final nail in the coffin, but it’s a step with great potential to transform the future of education and work.

Get a certificate from Google and find a job

One of the key complaints of higher education over the years has been stated below. The universities do not properly prepare students with real-world skills that they need at work.

In contrast, the Google career certificate program claims that their courses reduce a portion of traditional university education. Also prepare students to quickly find work in higher-paying, higher-functioning careers.

Google’s certificate program is offering three new programs with the average annual income for each position (according to Google)

Average income statistics

  • Project Manager (93,000$)
  • UX designer (75,000$)
  • Data analyst (66,000$)

Google employees working in related field designed Each course.

Google Career Certificates are geared towards existing services to create career opportunities for people without a college degree.

Walker says,” The Google Career Certificates has become one of Coursera’s most successful certifications. Thousands of people have found new jobs and increased their income since completing the course”.

After the completion of the program, Google also promises support for job search.

The company says that participants will “opt-in to share their information directly with top employers seeking workers in these fields,”. This includes famous names such as Walmart, Best Buy, Intel, Bank of America, Hulu, and, Google.

Google says that, it will provide hundreds of apprenticeship opportunities for students who have completed the course. And also, the company will give its IT support certificates in vocational and technical high schools throughout the United States.

While traditional degrees are still considered appropriate in fields such as law or medicine but you have a golden opportunity to get a Google Certificate and start work with IT Companies.