How to Resize Image in Photoshop

How to Resize Image in Photoshop

Today we are going to discuss how to Resize Image in Photoshop:

In this topic, we will cover how to resize an image in Photoshop.

#1: Open your image in Photoshop.

#2: Go to “Image”, located at the top of the window.

#3: Select “Image Size”.

                                           image from Photoshop

resize image in photoshop services ground#4: A new window will be opened.

image size photoshop services ground#1: Select “pixels” for the unit of measurement.

#2: Enter the width and height you want.

#3: Check that the resolution is no lower than “200 pixels/inch,” but “300 pixels/inch” is ideal for printing.

#4: If your original image has different proportions than your desired print size, you will need to change the size of your image (see below).

#5: Click “OK”.

#6: Save your file.

Here’s a video about how to resize an image in photoshop.

Tip! If you want to keep your original file, select “Save As” and type a different name from the original one.

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