Business Email System

Entrust us with setting up a dependable corporate email system for your organization with unlimited domains or email addresses.

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Service Brief Description

Service Ground specializes in developing a dedicated email system for your business with the option of adding as many domains and email addresses as you please. Fully customizable in nature, the email system can be scaled up or down according to your requirements. It is fairly easy to use and won’t require you to invest a lot of time in learning about how to use it or training others. It offers thorough archiving capabilities for you to organize and keep a record of business-critical emails. Depending on the size and projected usage, you can choose the amount of storage you need as part of the system. With reliable filters, you can guarantee to keep spam at an arm’s length always. The security of your emails has been given due consideration as part of the system, so as to ensure that their confidentiality is never compromised. With the highest uptime, you can be sure of using the email system without any interruption almost round the clock.

Service Includes

We will develop Business Email Setup for your organization where you can add any number of domain and custom email addresses. H Mail Server is one of the best Open Source Software for setting up any number of email addresses. Round Cube is one of the finest MUI available to read and write new emails.

  • Hmail Server installation & Configuration
  • Round Cude Installation
  • 1 Domain DNS configuration
  • 1 Email Address Setup

Prerequisite Of Service

  • Domain Name
  • VPS Servers


Note: Please choose VPS service provider that allows you to have port 25 open