The Complete Beginners Guide To Run LinkedIn Ads

The Complete Beginners Guide To Run LinkedIn Ads


LinkedIn is now really a boosting, growing, and organic way to reach people. Set up a LinkedIn profile or create a LinkedIn business or company page that is great. It’s also important to engage and build an audience. In Facebook ads, we discuss three phases first awareness second is a consideration third is conversion and LinkedIn also gives the same opportunity for ads promotion.

In LinkedIn, we also set magnificent ads and also set campaign managers the same as Facebook ads managers and also set pixel codes in LinkedIn tags that can be used in the same way that a Facebook pixel code work for a website.

LinkedIn Usage

LinkedIn is used for the target audience where people create profiles and share their work experiences and about their education. In LinkedIn ads managers we learn how we can set target audiences about our work and needs like job targeting, education targeting.

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Target audience on LinkedIn

We are going to start how to set up LinkedIn ads and also learn the essentials of LinkedIn ads first we set campaign ads manager just like Facebook ads manager’s main functions are set objectives, audience, ad format, placement, budget & schedule for conversion tracking.

The Setup of LinkedIn ads manager is similar to Facebook ads manager in that we also use these three features like awareness, consideration, and conversion. In conversion, we learn how to capture leads on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn promotion

We can get website conversions, capture leads on websites, and publish job opportunities on the LinkedIn company page by using LinkedIn promotion we can easily collect job applications. For that, the most important is setting the right target audience, location, demographics, job experience, and interests. For that go on this link and set LinkedIn business manager and set AD.

Add your work experience, expertise, specialties, update your about section, work experience, education, licenses & certification, volunteer experience skills, and endorsements on LinkedIn profiles.

Also, mention your interest. Update this information on your profile that will helpful for the target audience.

LinkedIn User

Now start some more general introduction about LinkedIn marketing solution or LinkedIn business account on LinkedIn we also generate leads to drive website traffic and build brand awareness. On LinkedIn 690M professionals are active. We easily establish our brand with a free LinkedIn page and promote your business with LinkedIn ads. We can set up a LinkedIn page in a few minutes. Go on this link and create a LinkedIn business page. 

There are some basic requirements for page you need to follow.

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Add your organization logo and cover image if you have then gone on this website and easily create.

Setup overview

Add a description that describes your organization.

Organization information

On your LinkedIn page mention your website URL, location, select your industry, and company size.

Also, add a call-to-action button (design your button align your goals and track)

Add photo gallery

Most important to engage and increase the audience for that use 3-4 custom images in one post especially well for organizations that strategy is very important for leads.

Add video

Videos get 5x more engagements on LinkedIn. We can add some showcases that make your brand unique, add pdf and PowerPoint to showcase that make your brand unique.

We also add kudos (spotlight employees to humanize your brand) content suggestions, mentions, and hashtags.

LinkedIn Insights Tag

That is similar to Facebook pixels; it means a piece of code or tags that place into tag manager for LinkedIn traffic. LinkedIn tags and Facebook pixels are the same. By using this we can retarget and build the audience.

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Account Targeting

We also create an account targeting list. In this list, we can prepare an account list. In the list first Column adds the company name that you target then save your list as a CSV file by using this we can target company employees then upload your account list and get started.

By using these terms and conditions we can set a professional company page, personal profile, set ads manager, set LinkedIn tags, and also create account targeting.

Target Audience

In LinkedIn, we can target the audience by job experience, company name, education interests, and demographics for the target audience and also use it for retargeting on websites and also create a lookalike audience.

For a successful campaign on LinkedIn follow to cover these strategies.

  • Estimated audience
  • Targeting options
  • Audience Expansion 
  • Audience Template
linkdin business account

In the first campaign, we also set the audience accordingly

  • Company name
  • Demographics
  • Education
  • Job experience
  • Interests and traits

Another one is a matched audience where we upload a list that we have prepared, add lead generation form, add lookalike audience, video, website.

Estimating the size of your audience

That displays the number of LinkedIn members that fit your targeting options. To launch your campaign you must target 1000 members or 300 if you are using a matched audience. If your audience is so small you will notice with an audience Too narrow a message which prevents you from saving your targeting and moving to the next step.

Location and language

To get started first set the location and language of the members that you want to target. Location is a mandatory field because members’ location can be based as well as their IP addresses.

Demographic Targeting

In addition to rich Demographic Targeting matched audience helps you engage key accounts, prospects, and customers that matter most to your business that is

  • Website targeting
  • Content targeting
  • Account targeting

You can now use LinkedIn to retarget your website visitors.

Website targeting

Target your website visitors with LinkedIn ad campaigns by adding the LinkedIn insights tags to your website pages. Such as your homepage and contact us page. With this, we can create an audience based on the page’s visit on your website.

Contact Targeting

That allows you to build a customized audience by connecting your contact management platform or securely uploading a list of email addresses. At this LinkedIn supports data integration with market.

Account Targeting

As the name suggest, it is an account based marketing technique to help marketers. They have always been able to target markets through ads on LinkedIn. As there were limits, that you cannot target more than 100 companies. Like, if you had to target 300 companies, you would have to randomly add 300 companies name on the list. It isn’t like that now. With Account Targeting you can add more than 300,000 company names in .csv format. Once you are done with that, you are good to go.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading.

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