Types of fonts in Typography

Types of fonts in Typography

There are five main different types of fonts in Typography.

  • Serif.
  • San Serif.
  • Script fonts.
  • Modern.
  • Display.

Serif fonts

Serif font

Serif has these little tails at the end that helped to accentuate the letter or character. Serifs are helpful when there’s a large amount of text that smaller.

The Serifs act as accents on the character and helps the reader distinguish the letters much easier.

The serifs are particularly useful for large blocks of text. The serifs fonts make it easy for the eye to travel over the text. Many serif fonts are well designed and add a distinctive touch wherever they are used. Mostly books, magazines, and newspapers use serif fonts for their legibility. 

Serif fonts are also useful for web designs, particularly you can use them in small sizes. Many web designers prefer using sans-serif fonts but you can also use serif fonts for a clean and modern, casual vibe. 

There are few examples of serif font that people like to use in typography.

  •   Garamond.
  •   Freight Text.
  •   Ogg.
  •   Tiempos Text.
  •   Plantin

San-Serif fonts

san serif font

It is a category of typefaces that do not use serifs, small lines at the ends of characters. They can make pretty solid clean headlines and help headlines really stand out. Sans serif typefaces are considered more modern than the serif typefaces.

They lack the strokes that distinguish a serif typeface, hence the use of the French word sans, which means without. Sans serif typefaces are used to signify something clean, friendly, or modern. Many web designers prefer using sans-serif fonts to use for a clean and modern, casual vibe. 

There are few examples of san-serif font that people like to use in typography.

  •   Futura
  •   Proxima Nova
  •   Avenir
  •   Brandon Grotesque
  •   Apercu

Script fonts

Script font

The script font is a font that mimics cursed handwriting. It has a typeface as a personal touch like calligraphy and handwriting fonts. Those fonts can help to add a more natural look with their smooth lines and lack of strict angles. There are two major types of script fonts. The first one is Formal script fonts and the second is casual script fonts.

Formal script fonts are actually fancy scripts that evoke the incredible handwriting.

Casual script fonts resemble calligraphy only with fewer swashes. You can use them for more casual design.

You should be careful of script fonts because they can easily overwhelm a design piece if you use too many.

There are few examples of script font that people like to use in typography.

  •   Allura
  •   Kaushan Script
  •   Grand Hotel
  •   Windsong
  •   Lobster

Modern fonts

modern font

Modern typeface always gives a strong, stylish, progressive, and chic aura. It is assembled as having strong vertical stress and can be identified by its thin and long horizontal serifs. It was developed in the 19th century when modern typefaces were used in newspapers. Examples of modern typefaces are.

  •   Bodoni
  •   Futura
  •   Latin Modern

Display fonts

dispaly font

The display is an expressive, friendly, unique, display typefaces. The most stylized fonts among these five. It is best to use on logos, light-themed websites, and party posters. The fact is that most styles of this typeface are too complicated and also decorative

There are some which are actually good to use as headers and titles.

  •   Cooper
  •   Giddyup
  •   Scribble Box
  •   Valencia

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