Web Development Trends 2020

Web Development Trends 2020

What major website trends 2020 you need to consider?

Get to know the next year 11 web trends and meet the decade fully armed!

  • Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Bots and Artificial Intelligence
  • Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)
  • Application for Single Page (SPA)
  • Optimization of voice search
  • Motion of the UI
  • Testing for Automation
  • JavaScript Framework
  • Technology BlockChain
  • Websites in Response (RWD)
  • Cyber Security and the GPDR

Progressive Web App (PWA)

This year’s phenomenon isn’t progressive web apps (or PWA). However, due to its potential to perform high-quality user experience near-native app one, technology has gained the attention of modern developers and investors.

In 2019, mobile devices were used to make 65 percent of online shopping orders through the website. The growing trend of PWA ‘s website enables users to access their favorite websites in a mobile web browser or desktop and without installing special applications or computer programs. PWAs are to be written with HTML and CSS in 2020, JavaScript, or Angular, or Answer. In addition to excellent user experience, and no need for a pro.

Bots and Artificial Intelligence

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

What does web development look like in the future? Many believe that bots will become more self-learning next year, and will easily match the needs and behaviors of particular users. That means that 24/7 running bots will replace support managers and save costs for a lot of businesses.

The rise of Bot will also influence web design trends, particularly the one of UX. The substantial advances in AI and machine learning technology led to a demand for Virtual assistant designs that are not only about the visual experience or algorithm-serving products but also about useful sound design.

The key advantages of AI-based bots are possible problem-solving 24/7, human-like experience.

Web Optimized Pages (AMP)

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

Mobile Accelerated Pages (or AMP) is yet another trend in web growth. The aim behind this is to improve page output and reduce the chance of a user quitting it.

AMP technology is somewhat similar to PWA. The difference is that due to the recently developed open-source plugin by Twitter and Google, the pages become accelerated.

AMPs are customized pages that could run easily and have a simpler but versatile design compared to full-scope web products with only basic features. Those pages are also mobile-friendly and are still readable for their content.

Single Page Application (SPA)

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

Nowadays the Single Page Application (or SPA) is one of the new website trends that helps us avoid seamless server communication and show better page performance and provide a high level of data protection.

Working with them, you intercept specific browser events and request JSON that seems to work with a web app. Such are Google pages such as Gmail, Google Drive, or Google Maps as well as social networking platforms such as Facebook.

Observation of current web trends makes it clear that the most functional websites will be
constructed as SPAs in the future.

Optimization of voice searches

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

The future of web development seems to be less text and more voices and it’s not just about virtual multifunctional home assistants like Siri, Google Home, Alexa, or Amazon. More than half of all smart and IoT devices will listen to users and execute voice-specified commands by 2020. And even more — they will be able to recognize and provide voices of different peoples.

Motion UI

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

Web design innovation is one more branch of the trend in the digital world. Startups keep paying more attention to the user experience from year to year and invest less aesthetic resources. But beautifully looking websites and apps have more chances to be noticed and become viral by potential users.

That is likely, MVPs will continue to be minimalistic in 2020. Concurrently, exp.

Automation Testing

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

Test automation has many advantages to it. It leads to the best coverage of testing, transparency, and the detection of tech problems.

The approach also helps the development team gather and learn from test cases, reduce development costs (up to 20 percent), and generally, reduce the test cycle time.

javascript frameworks

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

JavaScript frameworks emerged as attempts to standardize the language and create an easy-to-use a convenient frontend ecosystem.

By 2020 JavaScript frameworks will include aspects of UX, UI, testing, and the management of product tech. Use of Frameworks will be based on ready components that need to be composed to work on a website.

In other words, you’ll get a better end product for less money with the test automation.

Blockchain technology

Cryptocurrencies are not the latest technology in Web development. The concept of them appeared in 2004 and the crypto-trading market three years ago Investments (based on blockchain technology) were explored. What are we to expect in the year 2020?

For many, it is clear that the official authorities could not ignore the blockchain currency trading.

Responsive Websites (RWD)

You can’t discuss the trends of 2020 websites avoiding the problem of responsive websites. The concept came into existence more than five years ago when mobile devices actively seized the market. In 2019 the mobile user submits every second search request, which means developers and designers should put extra effort into polishing their products and make them convenient for users.

GPDR and Cybersecurity

Web Development Trend 2020 Services Ground

Why is cyber-safety so important in 2020? The point is we are increasingly automating routine operations using Internet-connected devices. And whenever we carry out operations such as online payments, sharing personal data while purchasing tickets or paying taxes, or even setting up our smart houses and multimedia systems, there is always a risk of stolen our data.

By 2024 the cybersecurity market is likely to generate more than $300 billion. What are the latest cybersecurity Website technologies? First, through 2020, We can expect algorithms to develop which could protect users against phishing attacks.

This type of cybercrime can be done with trusted websites and simulations of pages (such as bank account entry) where users are required to fill out safety numbers or valuable data in the form. Also, the latest in web development is the development of privacy policies such as GPDR in Europe (General Data Protection Regulation).

The document has international law status and places a fine on the owner of Internet products if they collect user data in an unsecured manner, Also, sell or store user data without requesting user permission. Local US regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will be enforced by 2020.

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