What is Software Development? Tutorial.

What is Software Development? Tutorial.

“Software development includes a collection of computer science activities dedicated to the process of designing, creating, modifying, deploying, and supporting the software (computer program).”

The software itself is a set of instructions about computer program, a bundle of commands and programs that workout with the computer and tells how to process.

There are different types of computer program:

  • System software:

“These computer programs furnish core functions such as operating systems, disk management, utilities, hardware management, and other operational necessities.”

  • Programming Software:

“These products or computer program who provide programmer tools such as compilers, linkers, debuggers, text editors, and other software development tools.”

  • Application Software:

“The software or several computer programs developed for end-users.” Any software developed for end-user through computer program can be called an “application.” That’s it, in a nutshell.

Types of Application Software

  • Utility Software
  • Integrated Software
  • Specific Application Software

Examples of application software include an accounting application, a media player, a console game or a photo editor.

  • Embedded Software:

The software products which are specifically designed to automate the industrial applications, artificial intelligence based computer program and machines or devices.”

Examples for this kind of computer program are motion detection systems in security cameras, traffic control systems found in traffic lights, Image processing systems found in medical imaging equipment.

How software is developed?

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10 Effective Steps to smoothen the process of software development:

  • Gather the requirements to easily acknowledge and helps in making the documentation about what is required by the client and other stakeholders.
  • Make Analysis by comparing your capability and capacity to fulfil the requirements. 
  • Selecting a methodology to build a framework in which the steps of software development can be applied. It also defines the overall workflow or roadmap for the project.

Major methodologies used for software development processing.

  • Choosing the path and then making a prototype (Design) by brainstorming, planning, and understanding the requirements of the computer program and analyzing the environment of the operating system which will be used. Iterate the software design to the requirement of the stakeholder or client and achieve their satisfactory level.

“If You Fail to Plan, You Are Planning to Fail.” (Benjamin Franklin)

  • Define the roles and responsibilities of your team (project managers, developers, designers, etc…) to accomplish that software development.
  • Start the computer program code development after the approval of the prototype, the software developers will start to do the actual code when their vision about the task is clear and they meet the milestone successfully and efficiently.

“Before you start, you must have to clear up your scope first.”

  • Testing the modules continuously at every level to decrease the chances of errors, and the bugs from the documentation. It is the core responsibility of the quality assurance team to test the computer program at the highest level and at the lowest level.
  • Make the iterations during the software development and stay in contact with the client to reduce the communication gap. 
  • Implementation of the additional requirements and changes will be added in this phase to update the recently constructed computer program.
  • Deploy the computer program to the client and always try to deliver before time so
  • Maintenance and support can be settled down with the client under the parameters of terms and policies.

Why software development is so important in any field of work?

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Computer application plays a vital role in every job and makes the work easy. Well, nowadays it’s a hot trend to boost the business by taking advantage of software development. It improves sales and service. It cuts the expense of maintenance and the cost of the business dependencies, just giving the charges of services of the support team which is the part of that specific development company that developed the computer program or application.

“Wants are limitless”, it is endless in terms of what you want and what you can develop, create and update as per your needs. Software Development is moldable and scalable

“Select The Process That’s Right for You and Make the Progressive Approach.”

Top 24 Software Development Tools Used to build Computer Program, According To 2020 Ranking:

Few of the factors due to which they are nominated and reason on top includes:

  • Learning curve
  • Selecting an appropriate environment
  • Tool integration with another tool
  • Tool usefulness
  • Company standards 

Have a look on these marvelous tools:

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